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/* ------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
/* i2c-iop3xx.h algorithm driver definitions private to i2c-iop3xx.c         */
/* ------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
/*   Copyright (C) 2003 Peter Milne, D-TACQ Solutions Ltd
 *                      <Peter dot Milne at D hyphen TACQ dot com>

    This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
    it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
    the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License.

    This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
    but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
    GNU General Public License for more details.

    You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
    along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
    Foundation, Inc., 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.                */
/* ------------------------------------------------------------------------- */

#ifndef I2C_IOP3XX_H
#define I2C_IOP3XX_H 1

 * iop321 hardware bit definitions
#define IOP321_ICR_FAST_MODE  0x8000 /* 1=400kBps, 0=100kBps */
#define IOP321_ICR_UNIT_RESET 0x4000 /* 1=RESET */
#define IOP321_ICR_SADIE      0x2000 /* 1=Slave Detect Interrupt Enable */
#define IOP321_ICR_ALDIE      0x1000 /* 1=Arb Loss Detect Interrupt Enable */
#define IOP321_ICR_SSDIE      0x0800 /* 1=Slave STOP Detect Interrupt Enable */
#define IOP321_ICR_BERRIE     0x0400 /* 1=Bus Error Interrupt Enable */
#define IOP321_ICR_RXFULLIE   0x0200 /* 1=Receive Full Interrupt Enable */
#define IOP321_ICR_TXEMPTYIE  0x0100 /* 1=Transmit Empty Interrupt Enable */
#define IOP321_ICR_GCD        0x0080 /* 1=General Call Disable */
 * IOP321_ICR_GCD: 1 disables response as slave. "This bit must be set
 * when sending a master mode general call message from the I2C unit"
#define IOP321_ICR_UE         0x0040 /* 1=Unit Enable */
 * "NOTE: To avoid I2C bus integrity problems, 
 * the user needs to ensure that the GPIO Output Data Register - 
 * GPOD bits associated with an I2C port are cleared prior to setting 
 * the enable bit for that I2C serial port. 
 * The user prepares to enable I2C port 0 and 
 * I2C port 1 by clearing GPOD bits 7:6 and GPOD bits 5:4, respectively.
#define IOP321_ICR_SCLEN     0x0020 /* 1=SCL enable for master mode */
#define IOP321_ICR_MABORT    0x0010 /* 1=Send a STOP with no data 
                                     * NB TBYTE must be clear       */
#define IOP321_ICR_TBYTE     0x0008 /* 1=Send/Receive a byte. i2c clears */
#define IOP321_ICR_NACK      0x0004 /* 1=reply with NACK */
#define IOP321_ICR_MSTOP     0x0002 /* 1=send a STOP after next data byte */
#define IOP321_ICR_MSTART    0x0001 /* 1=initiate a START */

#define IOP321_ISR_BERRD     0x0400 /* 1=BUS ERROR Detected */
#define IOP321_ISR_SAD       0x0200 /* 1=Slave ADdress Detected */
#define IOP321_ISR_GCAD      0x0100 /* 1=General Call Address Detected */
#define IOP321_ISR_RXFULL    0x0080 /* 1=Receive Full */
#define IOP321_ISR_TXEMPTY   0x0040 /* 1=Transmit Empty */
#define IOP321_ISR_ALD       0x0020 /* 1=Arbitration Loss Detected */
#define IOP321_ISR_SSD       0x0010 /* 1=Slave STOP Detected */
#define IOP321_ISR_BBUSY     0x0008 /* 1=Bus BUSY */
#define IOP321_ISR_UNITBUSY  0x0004 /* 1=Unit Busy */
#define IOP321_ISR_NACK      0x0002 /* 1=Unit Rx or Tx a NACK */
#define IOP321_ISR_RXREAD    0x0001 /* 1=READ 0=WRITE (R/W bit of slave addr */

#define IOP321_ISR_CLEARBITS 0x07f0

#define IOP321_ISAR_SAMASK   0x007f 

#define IOP321_IDBR_MASK     0x00ff

#define IOP321_IBMR_SCL      0x0002
#define IOP321_IBMR_SDA      0x0001

#define IOP321_GPOD_I2C0     0x00c0  /* clear these bits to enable ch0 */
#define IOP321_GPOD_I2C1     0x0030  /* clear these bits to enable ch1 */

#define MYSAR                0x02     /* SWAG a suitable slave address */

#define I2C_ERR              321
#define I2C_ERR_BERR         (I2C_ERR+0)
#define I2C_ERR_ALD          (I2C_ERR+1)

typedef volatile u32* r32;

struct iop3xx_biu {                /* Bus Interface Unit - the hardware */
/* physical hardware defs - regs*/
      r32 CR;
      r32 SR;
      r32 SAR;
      r32 DBR;
      r32 BMR;
/* irq bit vector */
      u32 irq;
/* stored flags */
      u32 SR_enabled, SR_received;

struct i2c_algo_iop3xx_data {
      int channel;

      wait_queue_head_t waitq;
      spinlock_t lock;
      int timeout;
      struct iop3xx_biu* biu;

#define REGION_START( adap )  ((u32)((adap)->biu->CR))
#define REGION_END( adap )    ((u32)((adap)->biu->BMR+1))
#define REGION_LENGTH( adap ) (REGION_END(adap)-REGION_START(adap))

#define IRQ_STATUS_MASK( adap ) (1<<adap->biu->irq)

#endif /* I2C_IOP3XX_H */

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